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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dance Card # 27

Dance Card # 27
collage on paper
8"x6", 2014
started by Susanna Binder
finished by Michele Hogan

starter collage by Susanna Binder, 2014
Austrian collage artist Susanna Binder and I have collaborated on some collages.  We mail each other a "starter collage" and the recipient finishes it.  Here you can see the "starter" that Susanna mailed me, as well as my completed version.

If you would like to see another collage collaboration that Susanna and I did, you can check it out at her blog:  I mailed her a starter collage for that one.  She completed it and titled it "A Man and His Birds". We plan to do more collaborations together because it's really fun. Susanna and I have never met.  I hope one day we will!